St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

7925 State Route 500, Owensboro, KY 42301




Celebration of public masses and public gatherings adhering to 33% capacity and guidelines for social distancing, wellness, cleaning, etc. have resumed.  See letter with detailed schedule and plans listed under the bulletins.  

Masses will be:

Tues. & Wed.'s @ 6:00 pm 

Thurs. & Fri.'s @ 7:30 am

Saturdays @ 5 pm

Sundays @ 8 am


To adhere to capacity limitations, if you are able to come to Mass during the week, please do so.  Weekday Masses will be considered as fulfilling your Sunday obligation (even though it is currently waived by Bishop Medley).


Fr. Anthoni will have the May procession and lead the Rosary on May 31st @ 6pm.


Parish Council Members

Nicole Murphy - Chair & Social Concern

Tiffany Powers - Vice Chair & Catholic Schools

Shelly Blandford - Secretary

Christina Dant - Faith Formation & Youth Group

Jessica Green - Music Ministry & Liturgy

David Sinclair - Finance

Johnny Warren - Building & Grounds

Boby Glenn - Building & Grounds

Don Peters - Cemetery

Kevin Clouse


Finance Council Members

Diane Dodson - Chairperson

Faye Gabbard

Susan O'Bryan

Gary Cecil

David Sinclair




Pastoral Staff

Pastor: Fr. Anthoni Ottagan


Music Director:

Kay Beth Riney

Faith Formation Director:

Sr. Vivian Bowles

Secretary / Bookkeeper:

Susan O'Bryan

Youth Coordinator:

Barbara Thomas


Mass Schedule

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

Tuesday - *Friday - Fr. Anthoni's private Mass

Saturday - 5:00 pm Private Mass (Live Streamed)

Sunday - 8:00 am Adoration

*First Friday of the month there will be Adoration from 8 - 9 am (not during stay at home order)

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church

Tuesday and *Thursday (not during stay at home order)

Sunday - not during stay at home order

*First Thursday of the month there will be Adoration (not during stay at home order)


Sacrament of Reconcilation

Saturday - 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm @ St. Alphonsus (not during stay at home order)

Every First Friday during Adoration

Anytime by appointment


Contact us

7925 State Route 500

Owensboro, KY 42301

Office: 270 229 4164


Monthly Ministries

Please remember it is your responsibility to find a substitute if you are unable to serve on a weekend where you are scheduled. 

Contact lists with phone numbers are in the bookself if you need one.  To be added to the list of available for our ministries,

contact Audrey Clouse at 270-229-4993.


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